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Building software that enables companies to create frictionless digital journeys for their customers.

Investment date

March 2020


IPO June 2021

What Glassbox does

Glassbox is a multinational SaaS company active in the domain of risk management, big data, and analytics. The company provides an analytics platform that helps organisations prepare for the ‘digital unknown’ by optimising customer experiences.

  • Performance

    The system identifies performance issues and directs customer support via a platform that automatically captures, records, replays, and analyses the digital lifecycle experience of web and mobile users.  
  • Analytics

    The APM and web analytics market will surge due to cloud adoption and the need for diverse multiplatform experiences.
  • AI and machine learning

    With a market-leading AI and machine learning platform behind its digital experience products, Glassbox is one of only a handful of companies that address real-time risk and compliance management.
  • Trading and stocks

    In June 2021, Glassbox started trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: GLBX), raising US$100m in its initial public offering.

Why we invested

The increasing demand on enterprises to shift towards digital has caused significant challenges on managing, monitoring and optimising the customer journey.

Businesses are facing increasing pressure to ensure that their customers’ journeys through their digital products are streamlined.

By enhancing and optimising the digital customer experience, businesses can significantly reduce churn, improve sales and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

With Glassbox, businesses can observe customer journeys, understand behavioural trends, and resolve issues at the root cause.

“I am energised by the opportunity to continue fulfilling our mission of helping global enterprises"

Yaron Morgenstern