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Breakthrough low-cost, high-definition SWIR sensor technology.

Investment date

January 2022



What TriEye does

TriEye is the developer of the world’s first low-cost, high-resolution short-wave infrared (SWIR) sensor technology. The sensors are designed for wide-scale production for a variety of automotive, biometric, medical and consumer electronic applications.

  • CMOS-based sensing solution

    TriEye has developed a patented CMOS-based sensing solution which can be mass-produced, addressing the need for a highly scalable yet cost-efficient alternative to today’s generation of camera sensors.
  • Revolutionary technology

    The revolutionary sensors from TriEye allow for “high-resolution image data and depth perception in all weather and lighting conditions.” This opens up a huge range of potential new use cases that have previously been impossible using the currently available methods.
  • Multi-industry application

    Whilst the company’s primary target market is the automotive industry, its technology is highly applicable to a wide range of other sectors, including mobile, industrial, security and optical inspection.
  • Next-generation sensors

    The company has already tapped out existing generations of their SWIR sensors and has received validation from leading automotive and non-automotive customers.

Why we invested

Short-wave infrared technology (SWIR) is an advanced technique, used for producing images based on radiation in the region of the electromagnetic spectrum invisible to the naked eye.

The majority of SWIR cameras today utilise an exotic compound of materials, IndiumGallium-Arsenide (InGaAs). The resulting costs and difficulty in production pose a significant barrier for their adoption.

SWIR sensors have previously been costly, requiring exotic materials with a complex manufacturing process, producing low yield and low-resolution sensors. This has limited the use cases for consumers and businesses.

TriEye has developed a novel, patented approach for SWIR sensor production. Their solution replaces InGaAs with a silicon based complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensing solution.

"Thanks to the support of our new and existing investors, TriEye is accelerating its growth as we look to become a critical player in smart, safe, reliable, and cost-effective automated vision systems."

Avi Bakal

CEO / Founder