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Optimising the cost and efficiency of cloud environments.

Investment date

October 2022



What Zesty does

Zesty optimises companies’ cloud costs having developed autonomous cloud cost optimisation tools. According to Gartner, cloud waste cost businesses US$26.6bn in FY2021, in part due to companies over-provisioning the number of cloud resources to reserve.

  • Scaling resources

    Zesty automatically scales cloud resources to meet application demands in real-time. The product enables companies to reduce cloud costs whilst maintaining optimal cloud performance.
  • Predictive model

    Zesty’s algorithm is able to collect real-time cost and usage data, analysing and training its prediction model to provision the correct amount of resources in real-time.
  • Analytics

    The algorithm is able to analyse the sale prices of reserved resources and search for the best deals, purchasing the optimal resources as soon as they are published in real-time.
  • Scalability

    Zesty enables businesses to forecast cloud usage and requirements, letting them realise the long-term benefits of scalability and cost savings with cloud adoption.

Why we invested

Cloud adoption brings long-term benefits of scalability and cost savings, but businesses are battling the nuances of cloud usage and resourcing. Currently, DevOps teams must spend valuable time manually optimising complex cloud resources to stay within their businesses cloud budgets.

Overstrained DevOps teams purchase resources and do not have the time to monitor usage or close off unused resources, expecting to require the instances soon.

By right sizing cloud resources, businesses will be able to remove unnecessary costs. Currently, most cloud management tools report on cloud spend and whether the resources were utilised by the business.

The largest cloud operators, AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba Cloud account for 70% of the cloud market. The operators have little competition and incentive to optimise customers usage and spend. Businesses need to optimise cloud usage in real time with minimal risks and reduce their costs.

Zesty is the developer of autonomous cloud cost optimisation tools. The company can optimise and allocate cloud resources in real time matching cloud demand. Their product enables companies to reduce their cloud costs whilst also maintaining optimal application performance.

"The cloud has become the foundation for critical functions for countless companies, but more often than not, DevOps teams are stuck with static infrastructure"

Maxim Melmaedov

Co-founder and CEO