" The cloud has become the foundation for critical functions for countless companies, but more often than not, DevOps teams are stuck with static infrastructure "
MAxim Melmaedov
Co-founder and CEO

Optimising the cost and efficiency of cloud environments

Zesty optimises companies’ cloud costs having developed autonomous cloud cost optimisation tools. Zesty automatically scales cloud resources to meet application demands in real-time. The product enables companies to reduce cloud costs whilst maintaining optimal cloud performance.   

According to Gartner, cloud waste cost businesses US$26.6bn in FY2021, in part due to companies over-provisioning the number of cloud resources to reserve. Businesses are struggling to forecast cloud usage and requirement, experiencing the downside effects of reserved resources.

Zesty’s algorithm is able to collect real-time cost and usage data, analysing and training its prediction model to provision the correct amount of resources in real-time. The algorithm is able to analyse the sale prices of reserved resources and search for the best deals, purchasing the optimal resources as soon as they are published in real-time.

Zesty was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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